FROM US TO YOU: Leadership Matters One Year On


Dear Colleague,


As you may be aware, it has been a year since Leadership Matters first launched. Now, over 2,000 schools have joined together, making Leadership Matters the fastest growing movement in education today. As members of the site, your feedback and commentary have been essential in helping us get to where we are now. For your part in reaching this incredible achievement together, we would like to say thank you.

We are delighted to present the second edition of Andy Buck’s latest book: Leadership Matters: How Leaders at All Levels Create Great Schools. We hope that this book will give you some insight into how effective leadership can make a real difference in your school.

With your help, we want to continue to write this incredible story. Great leadership is at the heart of everything that happens in a school community. That’s why we want to work both with and for schools to create a platform where every member of a school community can engage in top-quality leadership development. By helping everyone gain access to resources such as our online tools, we believe that we can help make a difference to schools across the UK.

With the insight that you have gained through your membership, you are in a unique position to help Leadership Matters to become of greater benefit to schools across the country. We want all our members to feel that they can fully engage with what the movement offers. So, any time that you could dedicate to exploring the website with your team would be greatly appreciated. We know from speaking to many of our members that the suite of tools available on the website has been instrumental in defining the leadership culture within their own schools. We want to help all schools achieve the same.

Thank you for your consideration and support, if you require any assistance in accessing your Leadership Matters account, have any questions about leadership development in schools or what Leadership Matters can do for you, please get in touch on 020 8221 9080 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you soon,


All the best,

The Leadership Matters Team

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