Spread the Word: Grow the Movement


Spread the Word: Grow the Movement

We are proud to say that in the 6 months since Leadership Matters was launched, we have been able to deliver the highest quality online leadership development to over 5000 school leaders. Our mission is to continue to grow this movement and ensure that every school leader in the country has access to the tools and content that can yield positive and effective outcomes for every school. As part of the movement, you can all help make this happen!


For the first time, every subscriber has their own unique referral code. All subscribers can now get money off their next year’s subscription if another school registers quoting their unique code. There is no limit to how many schools you can refer, so if you help spread the word, you could be enjoying Leadership Matters for free next year!

If you know another school or school leader that would really benefit from what Leadership Matters has to offer, use your code to help them get started. We want every school to engage with effective leadership development. We feel that this is a great way to spread the message of positive engagement and communication between school leaders and can help every school leadership team to flourish.

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