Making a Difference with Leadership Matters



It’s not just the new tool that we have introduced that makes the new update so exciting. Based upon the feedback that we have received from our members, we have made a number of subtle changes that will hopefully add up to make the Leadership Matters experience even better!


Track your Tools; Monitor your Team




One of the things that many of our users have made us aware of is the difficulty of monitoring who has completed or received requests to complete peer reviews/surveys. No longer. Our new control panel now allows all users to monitor who has and has not completed reviews and resend invitations from the new MY ACCOUNT section. This new feature will also allow users to edit the address to which requests have been sent, meaning no more missing or incomplete reports for anyone!


Save Your Progress: Make Real Change




Gone are the days of losing old Persona Reports or 360 questionnaires. Now, all test results will be available for all users whenever you need them – allowing you to chart your progress and see how leadership really matters. This new feature will allow you as a school to compare test results from across the board, helping you to create your own path to successful leadership development.


A Library of Content




We have now simplified the way that all our subscribers access and absorb the content on the website. Users can now search for specific articles and topics more easily than ever before, and use our BOOKMARK function to save the articles that they want and build up their own personal LM Library.

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