Introducing: LM Survey



As the latest addition to Leadership Matters, LM Survey promises to change the way that schools conduct parent, pupil and staff reviews. Fully customisable, unlimited usage and offering in-depth insight and analysis into the atmosphere of your school, LM Survey will allow all school leaders access to the type of information that can make a real positive and transformative difference to future school development.


How Does It Work?



School leaders can choose from 3 different surveys; parent, pupil or staff. Each of these surveys comes with a series of preselected questions, designed to give you maximum insight into the school experience. School leaders are then able to add an unlimited number of their own customisable questions, to perfectly tailor the service to suit the specific needs of their school.

All reports are stored on your Leadership Matters account and can be accessed at any time with a membership to the site. This means that all schools will be able to effectively track and monitor their progress year on year, to see how the changes that they make impact upon every school experience.

LM Survey has been designed to allow schools to create targeted, audience specific surveys in a way that has not previously been available. But the evolution of our latest feature does not stop there. Soon, schools will also be able to create surveys for much larger audiences and filter the data they receive by specific criteria, giving you the detailed reporting and feedback that you need to make a real difference.

With all this available as part of the next phase of Leadership Matters, this is a very exciting time to be part of the fastest growing movement in education today!

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